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Weather Sites:

Saratoga Carterlake     Lighning - Meteox  
Storm Chaser Chatteris.Biz on Youtube     Lightning -  
Weybourne Weather       Blitzortung Lightning Map  

Weather Forums & Gadgets:

WXForum Weather-Watch Forum   Night Sky  
YoWindow UK Weather Net      
Widget Sun Position Calculator      

Manufactures, Suppliers & Software Vendors:

Virtual VP, VP Live & StartWatch   Weather Display Ambient Weather
Boltek Lightning Detectors   Cumulus Scientific Sales Hendersons Plastics
Astrogenic   Davis Skyview  

Manuals & Info:

Davis Rain Collector Heater Davis UV sensor Virtual VP Guide Blitzortung Info  
Davis FARS Davis FARS ISS Weather Display    
Davis Spec Davis Vantage Pro ISS Configuring WDL    
Davis solar sensor Davis Vantage Pro2 Console CWOP    

Useful & Cool:

Icon Maker   Sunrise & Sunset Google Altitude Steel Gauges - Live Weather
Mobile web viewing tool   Magnetic Declination Lat & Long Finder  
Resize Images   Magnetic Declination 2 Revolving Earth Visitor Display  
Wireshark   Davis WLK Read/Writer Banner Maker  
Media Encoder 9   N8VB_vCOM    
Davis updated USB Driver   Flightradar 24 - Overhead Aircraft Shipfinder - Shipping data  

Where I Send My Weather Station Data:

Davis WeatherLink   AWEKAS Strikestar This site of course!
Met Office (WOW)   Wunderground WeatherBug CWOP
Personal Weather Stations   Madis-Data UK Weather Net  


USB CCTV Capture Device Andy's (G6OHM) Chatteris Radio Ham    
Velleman Kits - Voltage regulator Flickr - Photo Sharing (used with CWOP)