Mobile Apps

To view Chatteris Weather in a format compatible for a mobile device, use the QR reader on your device to scan the side menu bar image (don't forget to Bookmark it for easy access).

A number of Android Apps are available to view Chatteris weather data directly on your hand held device, check out the following:

weatherwatch  Weather Watch

QR Code   QR Code shortcut to clientraw.txt for iWDPro     iWDPro  iWDPro

wdliveapp  WDliveapp for Mobile Device (Play Store)

wdliveapp  WDliveapp8 for Windows Phone (Microsoft Store)

Lightning Apps using Chatteris Data:

blitzortung  Blitzortung Lightning Monitor

Apps marked with an * use a drop down selection box pre-configured for Chatteris Weather, the other apps need minor settings to personalise them, use the contact form to request specific details once the app is downloaded if you get stuck.

Latitude and Longitude finder can be found here.