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This website uses Meteobridge (4.2 build 13272 CARAMBOLA2) for weather conditions reporting.

Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
08/12/2019 07:43
Meteobridge realtime Current 0:00:03 08/12/2019 07:43
Meteobridge FTP Current 0:00:11 08/12/2019 07:42
Meteobridge weather data Current 0:00:12 08/12/2019 07:42

Meteobridge Pro uptime: 20 days 12 hours 8 minutes 43 seconds

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 FTP Upload Status

 The current data and time is: 08/12/19 07:43:10 GMT

The File Transfer Protocol upload status table is used to monitor specific files for performance scrutiny, the upload times confirm receipt (or not) at the server from Meteobridge Pro, the table is used for the monitoring of server based scheduled activities essential for the efficient operation of Chatteris Weather.

Uploaded FileUpload FrequencyLast UploadTime Since Upload
Clientraw<60 seconds08/12/19 07:43:01 GMT9 sec
Flatline-Status.txtx minutes08/12/19 07:41:41 GMT1.5 min

FTP Upload Status script credited to Castlerock Weather.

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